Entry 1

Dear Diary, Recently, a lot of people have been saying my name with a confused look on their faces.

But now that everything is official, I hope they stop doing that 😅
How did I manage to launch a jewellery brand that’s adorable AF while also managing my social life, starting school and staying up to date with the latest Tik Tok trends, all the same time? No clue.

I’m super proud of how quickly I managed to build an online audience these past two weeks, which is mostly thanks to the existence of pastizzi (iykyk).
My tribe has been absolutely awesome! I’m so happy to have such cool friends on board to help me make this new venture even more of a success. And they’re all hella cute, just sayin’ 😏

Anyway, I should get back to making sure everyone knows that there’s a 15% off discount available on every first purchase *wink wink* 😉
Even though I’m super busy now, I’ll try my best to find time to keep you updated with everything going on in my life...cos there’s a lot! 🤯

Until then, love you and leave you 💋

XOXO Ċikka