My name is Ċikka...wanna work with me? This flourishing Maltese jewellery brand is looking for awesome people who can embody the Ċikka vibe!

Why work at ĊIKKA?

ĊIKKA is all about self-expression and owning who you truly are. Working with me will never be boring, I promise.

Let's conquer the World!

I am always excited to welcome new talent to join my tribe, because I know that I can’t possibly conquer the world on my own.

I know finding a job can be quite daunting and stressful. But if you feel that the Ċikka team is the right place for you to grow and succeed, I encourage you to go for it no matter what!

OK let's do this...

Keep scrolling for available positions right now...but first, you might want to read through what I believe in. That way, you can also see whether we’re compatible.

“ĊIKKA is on a mission! I am an advocate for the new generation, a progressive brand that encourages everyone to celebrate and communicate their authenticity through the jewellery they wear."


ĊIKKA's Values & Beliefs

We’re looking for people who are friendly, positive and have an engaging personality. Above anything else, we are looking for individuals who adhere to ĊIKKA's values and beliefs.

Be Authentic

You are awesome exactly as you are, there’s no point in trying to be someone else. I want to recruit people who own both their strengths and flaws but are always ready to learn. None of us are perfect. But knowing who you are and where you can improve is more than enough.

Uplift Others

Teamwork can only be achieved when we support each other through thick and thin. Encouraging your colleagues to be the best they can be is of utmost importance.

Respect Everyone

Whoever visits ĊIKKA should be provided the best customer experience possible. I am looking for individuals who are open-minded, patient and can handle difficult situations with self-awareness. Just because some of the jewellery is rude and cheeky, doesn’t mean you should be as well.

Take over Socials

I encourage my team members to share and tag the ĊIKKA platforms as much as possible on their own socials. Plus, I always love when they contribute to the main platforms with their own content, like posting an amazing TikTok on a slow day or showing off how they’ve styled their own ĊIKKA look for work.

Have Fun

As cheesy as it sounds, at the end of the day it really is all about having fun! My tribe is full of energy, and that’s what makes it exciting to be a part of it.

We are currently looking for

Sales Assistants

We need ĊIKKA team players, who under the supervision of the Store Manager, will help in the stores operation.

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